10 Things Only a Classroom Monitor Will Understand

10 Things Only a Classroom Monitor Will Understand
10 Things Only a Classroom Monitor Will Understand

Class Monitor.

Remember those days mobdro for iphone, when you became the classroom monitor and became a name of fear in the class?

Being a class monitor was and still is one of the toughest tasks that are known to anyone in the school . Minding a class known to making a lot of chaos, helping out the teacher with checking homework and disciplinary rules, and being a secondary mentor in the absence of the teacher in the class – this all seems to be a handful of a job for a student.

10 things that only a class monitor will understand

If you were among the student who was always voted to be the class monitor, read below to understand what was it like to be a classroom monitor.

You proudly put the monitor badge

Your monitor badge has always made you feel proud and you shined it and wore it with great pride and joy. After all, you represented your class in front of the other classes, the monitor badge was always pinned to your shirt monogram pocket!!!

First seat bencher

Since, you were the class monitor, the leader and you also had to keep a tab on the discipline part, you always sat on the first row, the first bench just in front of the teacher’s desk.

Teacher’s favorite

Your class teacher adored you, your biology ma’am loved you, even the ma’am from other section gave your example of being the best student in her class – you were practically the most favorite student of all your teachers. Students quit hated you for this reason.

Believer in catchphrases

‘Don’t talk in the class.’
‘I want pin drop silence in the class.’
‘Don’t make any noise.’ and there are so many catchphrases that were glued to your habit of yelling it out on the students in the class when they didn’t listen to rule number – Maintain Silence.

Chalk and board

Chalk and board were your favorite part of your job role. You drew beautiful abstracts on the both sides of the board. You also liked writing the names of all the children who made noise in the class, so that later on teacher could punish them when s/he got back in the class.

Friend’s true friend

You never wrote your friends and their friend’s name on the board under the ‘noisiest student in the class’ list. Rather, you became an evil person with red horns on your head, when you saw your rival making a noise or not abiding by the classroom rules.

Mr. /Miss Know It All

Almost all students in your class hated you for being the first one to raise your hand when there were a question and answer round in the class. Also, you were hated the most, because you always reminded the teacher about the homework and asked last minute question after the school bell ring.

Best Imitator

In the absence of the teacher, you were always asked to imitate the math teacher or the English teacher, and you diligently did that, quite gracefully. Yes, of course, when you were not playing the class monitor. Duh!

Lord Voldemort

Being a classroom monitor, you were always feared. The fear that you created in your classmates, you were often referred as Lord Voldemort. All the students rebelled against you. However, the moment you raised your voice, they would simply keep mum and mind back to their own business.

DPSG Palam Vihar recently elected classroom monitor in their respective classes. Visit our Facebook page to see who all students got the badges of the session.

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