5 Tips for Boosting Student Confidence

Tips for Boosting Student Confidence
Tips for Boosting Student Confidence

‘Confidence is one thing that you must carry with you, everywhere. It is only you who knows that you have no answer to the question.’ – Anonymous

How many times did you hear your student say they just can’t learn anything or simply can’t do anything?

If it is more than a few times then it time for you to build their confidence. Today’s blog talks about the best way you can help your students have self-confidence.

Why self-confidence is important?

Possessing self-confidence is extremely important when learning. Every student has a different level of confidence. It is not linked to the ability to learn. Children don’t really have to be the brightest or the most successful person to have self-confidence. It is supposed to come from within. Children really need to start believing in themselves and their abilities. Self-confidence gives a positive attitude in life which makes anyone do the impossible.

As a teacher, how can you help your students to attain self-confidence?

Praise the efforts

Quite obvious as it sounds, but this really works wonder. Praise the students for what and whenever they do well in the class. When you are going through the work assignment, tell them they did right and not just point out all the wrong. If your students understand their own body of work and see the progression, help them motivate to keep up with the good work and the learning. It doesn’t matter what is their pace, remember to always praise their effort.

Refrain from correcting every word in a free speech

Correcting a student’s mistake is one thing but correcting almost every time they open their mouth is another things. Know the difference between the two. Students observe everything. If you continue to correct them all the time, they will start believing they make too many mistakes. Correct your students only when it is needed to be, otherwise emphasizing on their strength and the will power to learn more will make them feel better and bold.

Encourage them to ask

‘A curious mind is the best mind of them all.’

A learning mind only develops for good when they continue to always ask a question. Encourage them to ask questions especially, when they don’t understand something. This way, not only will they receive an answer to a query but also make them responsible for their own learning.

Help them learning new words

Learning has no limit. For a child, the best thing that you could help is to learn a new word. Students feel more confident when they can talk properly without feeling at a loss for words. This way they learn to be more creative, fluent when they speak and have a brilliant vocabulary too. Having a good vocab and flair for learning, these kids have an excellent command over the English language, which makes them even more confident.

Habits and repetitions

Encourage your students to practice, until they believe they have attained perfection. Repeat the phrase umpteenth times, that they follow this by heart. It is believed that habits and repetitions of the same, makes a student’s habitual of the regime by default.

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