5 Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss for the Kids

Summertime learning is always beneficiary
Summertime learning is always beneficiary

With a week has already gone by, this summer vacation, let’s do more about the learning.

In summer, kid’s days are planned more with fun activities. It is all about everything but any school schedule. Fun time with family, friends, and freedom to do anything that they please is the only thing that a child wants during the summer break.

Summer Learning: Your way to good grades

A nonacademic summer break can cause serious digress to a student at their academic front. An hour every day can help a student learn and perform better at a higher level during the upcoming school year. Summer is, of course, an ideal time for all the students, of all the ages to strengthen their academic skills, while also having plenty of their time to enjoy themselves.

Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

It is quite important to always be engaged in some sort of learning process. It helps to improve better in many ways. Here are some ways you can prevent summer learning loss and include these suggestions in your daily activities, every day, during your summer break.

Binge on Summer Learning
Binge on Summer Learning

Make some time to read

Set aside a time for you to read each day, every day during this summer vacation. 15-30 minutes to read — per day suffice to read. During the summer, every student have all the times to themselves, they must make that time useful. Read for enjoyment, it will only strengthen your reading comprehensions. Be it for pre-teens or the teens, every kid must visit a public library nearby, to check out books that might interest them or best join a summer reading book group this vacation.

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Learn and practice affixes

Children of all the grades can improve their reading and spelling skills better by learning more about affixes. Each sentence has a prefix and a suffix added to a base word. Find the list of affixes and the meaning from the dictionary and practice. Make it like a daily regime game for yourself. This way you learn more vocabulary words.

Mental math skills

It doesn’t sound fun at all, but working on just three to four math problems a day, can prevent a student’s mathematical skill getting all rusty. Make it as a challenge to yourself. Take it as an everyday ‘to-do’ and mark each day with success. Here, parents can also help the kids with their way to the math workbook.

Improve your reading and writing skills

Reading and creative writing is one of the skills which help everyone in their lives. To help yourself understand what are you reading, consider getting yourself a comprehension workbook. Work for several minutes daily. This will help you develop a fact retaining and inference-making skills. Suggest yourself a topic to write, every day. A paragraph of about 100-200 words challenge.  This will not only help you to express better but also improve your writing skills. Most importantly, it will encourage you to review your grammatical skills and make you much better.

Focus on other specific skills

It is essential to work on the subjects you have most trouble in learning. Make sure you learn and practice the areas you find it difficult to understand. Summer is an ideal time, every day if you put 15-30 minutes for learning the areas of difficulty, it will be a great help.


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