And DPSG Starz School Gets Appreciated Again!!!

Thank You, Dear Parent, For Writing Such An Overwhelming Letter

Parents and teachers of a preschool kid are the ones who nurture a kid to becoming what s/he will be one day as an adult. Just when we think of a preschool kid, we imagine a child having a chance to meet new people around besides the same faces, have a chance to socialize with other children, learn more about themselves, learn how to problem solve, build confidence and much more.

DPSG Starz is a platform that we have for our children to gain a lot from a preschool. We aim to expose them to quality knowledge in terms of number, letter, and shapes that we study every day. We help them develop social and emotional skills, and learn how to get along well with other kids around, helping them participate in various cultural programs.

And we feel amazing when the parents overwhelm us with a personal letter acknowledging us how we were able to make an impact in their children life, some way or the other!

Here, is an appreciating letter, which was written by a mother of a preschooler, thanking us, and we can’t feel more proud to receive such a heartfelt letter.


I would like to thank DPSG Starz, C2 Block School team for making all the efforts to make the school a comfortable place for our little ones. My son loves his school and is excited every morning to go to school and as a parent that gives me a sense of satisfaction. I appreciate the efforts put in by his class teacher ‐ Ms. Sanya.

Special Mentions:

• Making coloring & drawing fun ‐ A few months ago, I was concerned as I didn’t think my child will be interested in drawing due to his lack of interest. But today I can say that, not only he has developed an interest in coloring he spends hours trying to draw pictures and color them. Thank you, Sanya Ma’am for making art so much fun for him. Also, I noticed that there is an emphasis on Yoga & Music as part of learning for these young kids. I really appreciate this aspect as well.

• Thank you for giving chance to Advay to dance to the tune of “Jai Ho” on the Kargil Vijay Diwas. Commend the efforts put in by the teachers to teach dance steps to these little ones so that they can perform confidently on stage (though I am eagerly waiting to see him perform in person 🙂 .)

I love the fact that along with other festivals, the school decided to celebrate Kargil Vijay Diwas as a tribute to Indian Soldiers. Love the spirit. Keep it up!!

Keep up the good work that you are doing and looking forward to the remaining year ahead!!!

Gauri (Mother of Advay Saxena studying in Nur ‐ C)

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