Board Results Killing You With Stress? – Tips to overcome Board Stress

Board Results
Board Results: Pass or Fail

With class 12th board results are out, the amount of stress is way too much to handle right now.

It is cut throat competition everywhere and the heart and mind are racing at the fastest pace possible. Honestly, there is not much that one can do except to remain calm and composed – because this is not the end of your world.

After speaking to few students, and their parents, we evaluated that not only the students are dealing this surmount of tension and societal pressure, but the parents are also going through nerve teasing moment. It is best advised to all the students and their parents to be composed and accept the reality and move on with it.

Board results: Moment of darkness

Years after years, as the number of percentages is increasing, the constant expectation of getting into the bracket of 95-100% is also increasing. This leads to chronic tension between the parents and the children.

It is reasonably understandable that a child must get good marks, get into a better college, and attain better life after the studies. But this is by far, becoming a nuisance among the children of trying and constantly trying to work hard and push to an extreme where they start to feel the moment of darkness.

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Scoring well in the board exam: A business


Scoring well in the board exam
Scoring well in the board exam

Well, it is true, that scoring well in the exam has apparently become a notorious business to settle down to niche college which lists students a seat only if they have achieved above 98% in their boards.

We advise diligently to all out parents who worry about their children becoming insanely upset over the marks and making a huge deal out of it. It is important for every parent to motivate and teach their children the lesson of acceptance. Scoring well in the exam is an ideal lesson but making it a subject of life and death is not a wise thing per say.

Board Exams: A round visit to taunts and counselors

With the increase of pressure in academic excellence, the increase in the number of children along with their parents visiting the school counselors has also risen up to a good amount, especially during the exam time and when the results are out.

At times, there is a 100% jump in the number as counted by various experts during the peak of the result declaration, as confirmed by renowned psychiatrist Dr. Smita Deshpande.

Here the parents want their child to do their best and get into their desired college to earn a decent living, pushing them hard, constantly crushing their child’s aspiration to have a niche career. Little do they understand that this leads to putting unnecessary pressure on their child, killing their dreams about what they wish to do? By the time, do they really realize, it is too late to make things up for them!

A special request to all our students and their parents, take this result day as any new day and move on. It is definitely not the end of your world, and there is so much of scope to your life.

A loud cheer to each one of you!

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