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FaceTime is just like all other Apple apps which were developed and announced on 7 June 2014 with an intention to provide an elite and separate class amongst all the smartphone users. This FaceTime for Android is a video telephony product developed by Apple Inc. This app is intended to work with an iPhone 4 or later, the fourth-generation iPod Touch or later, an iPad 2 or later, or a computer with OS X, to another supported device. Furthermore, only those persons who have already been added as contacts using the FaceTime or Contacts app in iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac can be called because there is no dealer facility. It is currently incompatible with Android or any now – Apple devices.

Fake Facetime Apk:

Reading newspaper is a healthy habit
Reading newspaper is a healthy habit

The truth about the FaceTime is that it was designed for both video or audio one to one calling but only on iOS Platform and not for Android-based smartphones. The developers are yet to come with FaceTime App which is compatible with Android devices. So, while googling out for FaceTime Apk for Android Devices, you will notice that all the downloadable programs for the same won’t be found on Google Play Store or Apple’s iTunes App Store. These all programs is just a hoax and corrupts your system with malware or trojans. So please be careful and advise others also to not to download any such stuff from any such website.

Upcoming future of FaceTime App for Androids

In the present time, do you think there is a need of FaceTime App for Androids? Well, the question is not easy as it sounds to be, it is one of the hard hitting questions for Apple company. The company in a bid to make an exclusive class for themselves has in return paved ways for many other developers to come up with apps like Google Duo, reliable Whatsapp and Facebook enabled with stable Video and Audio Calling feature. These upgraded apps have allowed multiple users to connect and talk simultaneously dislike the one to one communication in the FaceTime app. So, let’s wait and watch for the next giant step by Apple Inc in FaceTime for Android users.

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