How To Improve Your Writing Without Actually Writing

How to improve your writing, without actually writing?

How often do you write?
Ask yourself this simple question, and answer win honesty.

Writing is an important skill, and if you don’t believe this – consider it again.

We write every single day in our lives. Be it posting something on our Facebook account, or tweet something within 160 characters on Twitter. Emails and text messages are the secondary platform which we use throughout our day, besides being active most of our times on our social accounts.

Have you thought about how does our writing takes a toll when we continue writing on social media or emails, without paying attention to the proper way of writing our thoughts? There is no worse than a feeling when we click the button send, and the message or post is already out there, and it is full of errors.

Think about it, again. Being a writer, I understand this too.

How to improve your writing?
How to improve your writing?

Writing is important, but how?

Writing is quite critical to a good reader. It is a job, full of skills. Writing sharpens your intellect. When you read a lot and understand what you are reading, you learn about many things. You want to express about those things. It could be about anything. Hence, to put those thoughts in the most constructed sentences, writing becomes an integral part of it. Basically, writing is important for thinking skills and eventually communicating it portal

How to improve writing without actually writing?

If you love to pen down your thoughts or aspiring to be a writer, then this blog is a perfect example to learn more about writing. Here are few points that will help you become a better writer.

Read more

Just think of it, when you read about some news and it consists of 5 sentences, you just utter a word – wow!

Now read this sentence, and think about it, 5 beautifully structured sentences and only a word – wow to describe it.

Read more. Yes. You will always hear this as an answer when you ask someone, how do to improve writing. Reading more always helps you to improve your vocabulary. The more you read, the better you will become a writer. It will keep your writing fresh, and it will always excite to write more because you have the key to describe your thoughts, better.

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Expand your horizons

Reading is an ultimate weapon to become a prolific writer. The more you read, the more you learn about the subject. The more you learn about the subject, the easier it gets for you to write about the subject. Reading always helps in expanding your horizons. When you read about any subject, it brushes your curiosity. Then you read more about it, generating to your interest. This way you move ahead to learn more and it expands your horizons as far as reading is concerned.

Read to yourself, aloud

Of course, you will feel ashamed of it. Who isn’t? But did you run first, or learned how to walk first?

Reading yourself aloud gives you a proper sound to the words and deeper understanding of the sentence. When you read a proper sentence, it helps you to learn more about how to form a sentence. It is a great lesson for people who love to write. Reading more engages you more to your sense, and allows to process the information that you are reading in multiple ways possible –all at once. The more you process, the better you will edit, after writing your first draft.

This blog is meant for all segments of age group – be it the little ones, students, teachers, parents or anyone.  Writing is fun and it is one of the seamless processes of letting out what you are thinking of.

Happy writing, everyone!


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