Use a Highlighter while Studying – Helping Tips to All the Students

Use A Highlighter When You Are Studying
Use A Highlighter When You Are Studying

Books and highlighter hold a special bond together. Be it, for self-reading or during a discussion, the highlighter is always a good use. But they don’t prove to be much helpful to you when you are using it incorrectly.
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Use your highlighter to help yourself and not to have a headache, trying to figure out what is important and what is not. This blog talks about how to use a highlighter during your study time. Read below to know the helpful ways to study, using a highlighter the right way.

Read the important points effectively before using a highlighter

If you are reading a text, and highlighting everything that you read and think important, you are reading effectively. Yes, everything of the chapter is important, but individual parts of the text are important for different reasons as well. Making a difference of that particular text important and thus, reading effectively is also important.

You must determine what part of the text seems important to you when you are reading and understanding the text. Without a plan for highlighting, you will simply be colorizing the whole book, making it look like a multi-colored book for yourself.

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On your first read – don’t use the highlighter


Use a Highlighter while Studying - Helping Tip to All the Students
Use a colored pen while Studying – Helping Tip to All the Students


You must know the ideal way of using a highlighter is to never highlight anything on the first read. One must always read any school material at least twice if required thrice. When you read anything, you just create a framework of the context in your brain. The second time you read a text, you build a foundation of the material and start to really understand the meaning. On the third read, you are able to make the difference between the important text and not so important. Pay a close attention to each title, subtitles and read the segments of the text without marking the entire page.

Use a different color of highlighter for a different meaning


Use a Highlighter while Studying
Use a Highlighter while Studying


Once you identified and also highlighted the main points for yourself, you are free to highlight the materials and support your important information using a different color. This will give you a meaning to your important context of the topic.

For example: –

– Use a Yellow highlighter to mark the important points, facts or any example.

Pink color can be used to determine the points that are more important than the yellow colored pointers, for e.g., a definition or significance.

Blue may be used for titles or special terms that define the pink highlighted points.

Green color can be used for dates, names or any important places in the topic.

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