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Chitranjan Aims to Hit the Bull’s Eye in Archery

‘The future of students depends on their passion and their passion depends on their interest.’

Archery is a skill or a practice and now a reclaimed sport of using a bow to propel the arrows. Archery has been in history since ages and was used for hunting and also for combat.

It is considered to be a recreational activity. In India, archery has been given a major importance and youth in India are getting more and more involved in this sport.

Many of the sports organization are promoting Archery as an important game. Nowadays, most schools encourage their students to learn and play it at the tournament level, National and Internationals.
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Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Palam Vihar is one of the schools which is promoting Archery at the level that can’t be measured by any means. 

Chitranjan Kumar during one of his practice sessions
Chitranjan Kumar during one of his Archery practice sessions

Chitranjan Kumar, 16-year-old, looks really determined when he is on the ground, aiming the arrow to hit the bull’s eye. He has always been one of those children who always loved to play with a bow and an arrow beside other recreational sports. He realized that he really enjoyed the game until he was playing at the school levels and competing to win. Chitranjan Kumar of class XI F participated in Sub Junior National Archery Tournament in the category of U-17 boys at Pune, Maharashtra.  

Teachers who have been actively involved in nurturing him – academically and in the physical education field, all are extremely happy about his nomination to play for the school and the nation. Although there is no pressure build on him at all from his peers and the school faculty, rather they are constantly enjoying and having a ball over this proud moment.

As much as he is excited to play in the International games, we are equally elated to see him and pray for his win.

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