DPSG Palam Vihar Adopting STEM Education Using 3D Labs

3D Classes
Children learn more and better when they learn lessons with the help of 3D images. They are quick to learn and grasp new concepts and display prominent level concentration. Studies have shown the effective use of 3D classes in schools has shown an elevated level of success rate.

What schools usually do?

In all schools, science classes are taken the usual way. Very fewer schools go for 3D imbibed resources. DPSG Palam Vihar is now implementing 3D classes that will help students learn quicker and better.

3D classes help and how?

Experts and teachers have agreed that children understand things better and discovered new things in 3D learning that they did not know before. In the class with 3D, you have the “wow” effect. This helps with behavior. The pupils are too interested to be disruptive. They get involved and forget to be naughty.

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It has been observed that class certainly pays more attention in 3D. They are more focused. That is important in this class – eight out of the 26 students in this class have attention problems, so naturally, teachers are more thrilled with the impact of 3D. They sit up and are really alert.

Children are used to 3D with the rise of computer games that use the technology – 90 percent of those in the study had seen a 3D film.

Fun fact: 3D films can play the role of ‘brain-training’ games and help to make children ‘smarter’ in the short term.

With children now facing so many technological distractions, in an age where children’s concentration levels and attention spans are shorter than ever before and split-screening has become the norm for adults and children alike, it’s encouraging that children appear more attentive and more emotionally-sensitive after watching a movie in 3D, as well as finding the viewing experience altogether more exciting.

DPSG Palam Vihar is soon to start with 3D labs and classes. Stay active on our blog site to know more about the information. 



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