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Generations: Transcending The Borders Of Age


Aging is a natural phenomenon which is inevitable. Generations have been passing and new ones have been coming up. With the wide generational gap between different people, leading to different mentalities and viewpoints, these groups are often found at odds with one another. Ageism, an act of discriminating against people on the basis of their age, is witnessed in a lot of places these days. Also, old people tend to be more conscious of their customs, traditions, and values. On the contrary, the younger generations possess more of an easy going attitude. They are likely to be more flexible and adaptive, knowing the fact that with time comes change.

With technological advancement, economic development, and social changes, it has become essential for older people to accept and welcome these changes, unless they want to get stuck in the ever-changing world. Apart from that, it has also been found that old age sometimes induces depression in individuals leading to their poor health and subsequent death. To counter this, there is a growing need for more intergenerational relationships to be established. Such bonds will not only serve as a healthy distraction for elders from their senility but also help children learn things better under the guidance of the experience of the elders. Such a practice, wherein the two generations intermingle and learn from one another, will significantly help to reduce the effects of ageism and help bring down disparities.

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There is a lot to learn for older people when it comes to getting accustomed to modernity. For example, many elders lack the knowledge and technological know-how to put certain new gadgets, designed to make our life easier, to use. They will also get introduced to the pop culture and once they know more about it, they will perhaps not be so apprehensive about the same. To keep up with their young ones’ energy levels, elders would have to keep moving and would get more exercise, which will help boost their physical and mental health. Young people, in turn, will help the elders by doing chores and running errands for them. In this process, elders’ perception of young people will change and this will help bring down several stereotypes which have been the source of tension between the two generations for long. Establishment of these new relationships will enrich the lives of all those who are involved. It has been scientifically proven that intergenerational engagement can provide utmost benefits to young and old people alike.

So let us all do our bit to achieve harmony by being kind and tolerant towards our aged angels and introduce them to a life where they find comfort, joy, and companionship.

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*This article is contributed by Ms. Rashika Sachdeva of class XI.

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