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Which Is More Important? – Talent or Hard Work

Everyone has special skills and talents that they bring to the table, but ever wondered about hard work?

Talent or hard work – what really counts?

This is quite a debatable question as sometimes hard work beats talent when the talent fails to work hard.

Talent is just like the seed of a plant which has to be nurtured with hard work and commitment in order to grow it into a healthy and strong tree. Talent alone can’t be the determining factor in your success story. It’s useless unless you persevere in developing it and then maintaining it through hard work. It only gives you a direction but hard work ultimately takes you to your goal.

Your talent is your way of doing a particular thing but working on it, opens many doors for you to do the particular thing in many ways (and perhaps finding a shortcut too). Hard work is like the icing on the cake when it comes to the talent.

In my opinion, God-gifted talent is secondary if one takes it for granted and ignores the fact that talent is not just to be kept unused. In order for it to shine, hard work has to step in. Each person has a quality but it takes a great deal of introspection and resolution to use that to your advantage and reach towards your goal.

Everyone has a different goal but there is only one way of achieving ‘that’ goal – to keep working towards it.

Many times people fail to understand that hard work is their real talent. Whatever we learn always pays off in some of the other ways. Your pace doesn’t matter as long as long as you are working towards your goal, so keep working hard.

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*This article is contributed by our student, Ms. Chehak Kathuria.

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