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Sometimes Heart Sees What Eyes Cannot See by Harshit

Sometimes Heart Sees What Eyes Cannot See
Sometimes Heart Sees What Eyes Cannot See

Sometimes heart sees what eyes cannot see. – H. Jackson Brown

Above quote cites the greatest truths of life. It refers that emotions and feelings are only understood by heart. We all may be fictitious characters and the one in common but our heart is the one what makes us unique or to glitter like a supernova in the universe. Our eyes work only with the visual cortex (part of the brain helps us to see) but the inclusion of heart in the body, not only circulates blood but also completes our vision.

The True Meaning

The heart understands emotion and subconscious, unlike eyes which always look for logic, conscious, and reasons. Sometimes one feels something is right or wrong deep down but cannot find a reason for it. We perceive someone physically attractive from our eyes, we see someone with a  pretty smile and always happy but our heart will only be able to see the underlying character and the true nature of the individual like friendship, love, affection, care, faithfulness, and truthfulness.

What Do We See, Really?

Our eyes can only judge others by only the pre-conceptions and the judgment based on the appearances we perceive. However, someone can be more influential and better than us, but as a result, we fail to measure our own capacity and it leads to our downfall. Such phenomena are also explained by the science. The amygdala, part of the brain is the responsible emotional response when one feels strong emotions related to a thing, living or non-living. The amygdala releases certain hormones which make us feel stress-free. However, it also clouds our logical reasoning, thus, one tends to seek truth, kindness, concerning and caring values rather than looking for a radical sense.

Further meaning

Most of the people in today’s world do not understand, the methods of awakening our souls and purify the heart. To feel the love and affection towards other souls. Or the character, rather, physical appearances are very well explained by our elders and in the religious and spiritual homes. It feels as a disgrace that our India, once known for its morals, respect towards nature and elders is losing all of this to a modern mindset and increasing pride of money. The world is almost turning into a realm of only things with no living souls in it where money is valued more than people and one individual doesn’t care for others and is self-centered possessed with an obsession of protecting one’s materialistic things.

Is it too late to change? It never is, it well taught to me through an anime character (Obito Uchiha-name of the character).

“It is never too late to revert the right way”.

People may be involved in bad deeds but somewhere in their hearts Yin (a Japanese word symbolizes virtues) will always be there to balance the Yang (a Japanese word symbolizes bad, evil).

Taking an account of anecdote in consideration from my life. When I was in class 6th, I participated in a dance competition but none wanted to pair with me, so I switched to solo dance, me who was not too proficient at dancing, however, knew how to take two step forward. I was not too confident about my appearance, was being asked on the whole stage during rehearsal to leave and another guy who was really fair and handsome took my place.

I felt disappointed and complained to God for making me this way. I lost track after that. I began to lose grades, couldn’t concentrate and much more. Every day I used to gawk myself in front of a mirror to look for the fault in me but couldn’t find it. One day I sat in despair as due to bad scores, a voice emerged and I asked myself, “Is it justified?” I was me before the incident. I thought about it several hours and later I felt awakened with a new mind and confidence, beaming with a ray of hope. I decided to be unique and be the supernova rather than a black dwarf.

I decided to be unique and be the supernova rather than a black dwarf.

The path was very tough at the beginning but keeping an eye on my goal I stood consistently and walked along. The journey to my goal is not yet completed but right now I find myself at a place where I am a white dwarf (a stage of a star before the transition to a super nova only attained by rarest of stars). I am where I find myself different from others in aspects of mindset, looking perspective. And at an altitude where now people forget my looks and try to copy my way. Sometimes I dwell in past and see the previous self now I smile and say ‘how foolish I used to be?’

Truly said:-

“Those who cannot acknowledge themselves are bound to fail. If you want to know who you really are? , you have to look at your real self and acknowledge what you see.”

And such vision can only be given by heart.

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