What to do When You Have a Big Fail in the Class?

What to do When You Have a Big Fail in the Class?
What to do When You Have a Big Fail in the Class?

Ever had a big fail in the class? Do you then feel like you are a terrible teacher? Do you feel the kids didn’t really learn anything from your class?

At times, it happens. We say it is perfectly fine to have an off day at work. We know that you had an intention to present an engaging lesson to your students. There are times when even after planning out the lesson and the class, things do go wrong. Lessons do get bombed. Kids then start getting uninterested in the class. The more you look at them, wanting them to pay attention, the more they start drifting away. When you try to make things even, they are hard to control then.

The Big Fail

With new session commencement, every teacher is nervous about the big fail. It is quite understandable. During the first few class, having a failed attempt at having an amazing class often derails the confidence of a teacher. Each teacher prepares the best. On the day of class, when they find their students not really paying attention, the feel of an epic failure really hits them hard. We understand this. In this case, we will suggest you to not feel bogged down, rather learn from the lesson.

When Lessons Go Wrong

During a class, even the most talented and experienced teachers have their lessons go wrong. Sometimes, it is all about a moment that doesn’t really click with the students. This shouldn’t make you feel like you are a bad teacher. Great teachers always take these moments and walk away with head high and new determination.

Here are few points that you should keep in mind before going to take a new class that will save you from having an off day.

Of every class that you take, have a backup plan

It all depends on what subject do you teach. Always carry a free reading book or a couple of interesting articles printouts that come handy in such emergency situations. During each class, engage with the students about a random topic and discuss for few minutes and then get into your regular class. If anytime you think your students are losing out of interest in the class, go back to your backup plan for few minutes for a brief refreshing moment.

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Ask yourself, what went wrong

Lesson failure may have countless reasons. It could be some kind of distraction happened in the school, that the class was bound to be withdrawn. Your instructions might be confusing for them to understand. The content might be too difficult or easy. The lesson could be boring. Or your students needed a break and yawned, but you went along anyway, ignoring their cue.
If you identify from above-mentioned points, you can move to the third point here then.

The Plan

Again ask yourself, where and which part needs to be changed in terms of content that makes it interesting for your students. If there is any need of activities related to the lesson, then how it can be planned so that all the students are active and participative in the class. If the lessons can be done in another way that brings energy in the class?

Often above question narrows down the problem and helps you in making a better plan for your class. Try to think from your student’s perspective. It shouldn’t be that hard to get it. After all, you were students too, sitting on the other side of the classroom, feeling almost the same!

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