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Which Is More Important Talent or Hard Work?

‘Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.’ – Robert Half

In today’s’ world talent and hard work are two sides of the same coin, both together form the perfect equation to achieve one’s true potential. A person who lacks either of them, finds himself handicapped on the ladder to success.

Talent is the drive that leads one to choose what to do, but hard work paves the way for that person to accomplish his goals. And both together can cement his entire journey to success. Consequently, he must find the perfect balanced as to where to advocate his talents and hard work respectively.

Albert Einstein had a tremendous amount of talent harboring inside of him. However, without the necessary hard work that he put in for science, we today, would have been bereft of the very basis of his theory of relativity and ultimately our understanding of the laws of the universe.

When plotting ones aim in life it is essential to direct our talents in the right direction and pursue it with the requisite amount of hard work. A misguided effort will ultimately sway us away from the path laid ahead of us.

So, we must question ourselves what exactly are we passionate about?

The answer to the question will lay bare our true inner talents and potential. It is only then we must invest our precious efforts and hard work in making that aim a reality. Leaving the broader aspect aside, as a student we must formulate bigger goals and subsequently smaller goals to achieve bigger goals.

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We should focus on our talents and anything we feel strongly passionate about, hone our skills through dedication and hard work. It is only then we will find the true bliss of satisfaction and world at large at our disposal.

Because talent simply wins games, but talent coupled with hard work wins championships.

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*This article is contributed by Ms. Savita Ahluwalia, PGT Economics.




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