Why You Should Try Sending Positive Notes Home

Why You Should Try Sending Positive Notes Home
Why You Should Try Sending Positive Notes Home

Positive notes
homes are one of the best classroom management strategies. However, they are not really used much by the teachers. It takes about one or two minutes of your precious time to write notes and send them with the students who have done a really commendable job.

Why you should try sending positive notes home

Being a teacher means you got to do everything possible for a child to feel special and loved. This includes appreciating them on what they have done well in the class. For a parent, it is a proud moment about their child being appreciated and acknowledged in the class for their good conduct and behavior. It is one of that moment for them, where they can say that ‘our duty of teaching our kids to do well in class and otherwise paid off well.’

Our blogger of the day has picked three best reasons why you should try sending positive notes home.

Children/students love positive notes home

When you send a positive note to a student’s home, other students also pays a close attention to it. This leads them to work even harder than they were already doing so. Sending notes makes them realize that if they also work hard, and do well in the class and otherwise, they will also be appreciated by their teachers. It adds a positive and vibrant energy in the classroom environment. The studentstarts to believe that the teacher is really nice and a fair teacher who promotes happiness and positive energy in the classroom. Despite the competitive feel, it only boosts positivity among the children who are looking forward to appreciation every now and then from their peers on account of being a good child/student.

Parents feel more proud of their child

It has become a tradition to believe that parents are only contacted when their child has done something wrong in the school. They get anxious and things go wonky then. This is, even more, a reason to contact the parents of those hardworking kids. Tell them how well their kids are doing the class. It only helps you have a better relation between your students and their parents. Just imagine the kind of proud reaction your student’s parent gives when they get to know about their kids from you!!!

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Teacher loves the idea of being in connect

If you have been a teacher, then you must know this feeling. A positive note always helps a teacher in so many ways. It helps in connecting with their students in a much deeper sense. Sending notes also helps them get well acquainted with the student’s parents. It is very important to actively involve parents in child’s activities, especially when they are doing well in the class. Encouraging good conduct in the classroom, always boost the confidence of a teacher. It helps them believe that their hard work on each of the students is paying off well.

If you are a teacher and have used this or any other method of connecting better with your student’s parents, then do share your thoughts in the comments. We value your precious thougths!!!

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